Webtask. Literature through the movies. Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe

Identify the following characters from the film:



Match the characters to the information about them (write the number next to the piece of information):

Had to leave England because he killed a man in a duel

Love interest of Robinson Crusoe

Wrote the ship’s journal

Only survivor of a shipwreck

Used to belong to the captain of Crusoe’s ship

Plays the bagpipes

Crusoe’s only companion at the beginning on the island

Crusoe helped him to escape from some cannibals


Gave Friday his name

Changed his ideas about race

Was killed in a huge explosion

Gets shot by an arrow in the shoulder

Killed by a slaver

Put these events from Robinson Crusoe’s life in order:

Realised he was on an island

Fights the cannibals with Friday

Met Friday


Buried the dead from the ship

Gets shot by an arrow


First argument with Friday (after they become friends)

Tried to teach Friday about Christianity

First saw a ship from the island

Blew up cannibals

Lost boat

6 years after he set off, he goes home

Argument about “master” with Friday

Goes to Friday’s island

(Written by Holly Hirst)



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