WEBTASK Legends through the movies. Robin Hood

Search the web. You can read the  entry on Robin Hood further down on this blog  (19th May 2009). Then do the following activities on Robin Hood, the story and the history.



Answer the following true or false questions.

1. Robin Hood was a real person.

2. There’s only one version of the Robin Hood story.

3. Robin started life as a rich person.

4. The weapon he is famous for using is the sword.

5. He was a criminal.

6. He only took money from the rich and used it to build himself a castle.

7. His group of helpers were called the ‘Fellow Outlaws’.


Answer the following short questions.

1. When did the story of Robin Hood take place?

2. Who was the king at that time, where was he and what was he doing?

3. Who tried to take over England while the king was away?

4. Was Richard a good king in real life?



Go to this site, and then fill in the table below with with the following notes. If the character was different in real life please write how they were different in the ‘real life’ box.

Villain who tries to steal the throne.

Arch-enemy of Robin Hood.

The good king of England who Robin Hood fights for.

Love interest.

Fat churchman who joins Robin Hood’s band.

A huge man who is in Robin’s band.








Character name Role in Story Real life
Maid Marian
Sheriff of Nottingham
Little John
Friar Tuck
Prince John
KIng Richard

Revisit this page and state at least two caracteristics of each character.



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