Flash mobs

Have you ever been in this situation? You are in the street, or in the park, or in a shop centre… Suddenly you find yourself surrounded by lots of people wearing weird clothes (everybody the same kind of weird clothes) who are gathered together, do something unusual for a few minutes and then quickly disperse.

If so, you have witnessed a flash mob. People use emails, text messages or other social media to organize these gatherings, and the reasons for them are very varied: protesting against a rule, campaigning in favour of someone, attracting people’s attention onto a particular situation…or just for fun.

One example of flash mobs are the ‘silent discos’, where every person takes their own music device and earphones and dances to their music for a while.

Here is a flash mob in San Francisco, in August 2009:


IMG_1413 IMG_1414 IMG_1415

IMG_1416 IMG_1417


(Photos by Alfonso Pineda González)

This new trend has been largely reflected in publicity. Watch these two advertisements:  Flash dance  for mobile telephones. Don’t  miss them, they are great!

Or this one: 100 Beyoncées for a chewing gum:

And now , look at the making of  the flash dance at Liverpool street Station:

Cool, isn’t it?

Your tasks:

Express your opinion about flash mobs in general and about these advertisements.

Imagine your organize your own flash mob. Write about it: objectives, place, time, clothes, ojects, etc. You can visit this page to see some examples:




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