Literature through the movies. Robin Hood.

Robin Hood. The myth.Robin_hood

The basic story

Robin Hood is one of the most famous and enduring of British legends. Robin Hood is an archetypal English hero – an incorruptible hero, with his own moral code, fighting against injustice and tyranny. There are many different versions of his story. In most, he is a dispossessed nobleman (the king has taken his lands and money) – the Earl of Huntingdon. He is generally portrayed as being unusually good with a bow and arrow. With a band of fellow outlaws – his Merry Men – he hides in Sherwood forest robbing the corrupt and corpulent rich to give to the poor. His arch enemy is the Sheriff of Nottingham, an evil, greedy and dishonest lawmen who abuses his position.

There are many characters which appear in many of the Robin Hood legends. There is Maid Marian, an independent and kind noblewoman who Robin falls in love with. There’s Friar Tuck, a fat churchman who joins the Merry Men and stands against the corrupt, greedy church of the time. There are also the famous Merry Men, such as the ironically named Little John who is a huge giant of a man.

The history

The story of Robin Hood plays out in the 12th century during the time of the third crusade. The crusades were journeys into the Holy Land (Israel) made by European Christians who were trying to retake the Holy Land from the Muslims. The third crusade (1189 – 1192) was an attempt to recapture the Holy Land from the Muslim king Saladin. It was one of the more succesful crusades although it did not end with Jerusalem in Christian hands (the ultimate aim).

The third crusade was lead by Richard I, the Lionheart, of England and Phillip of France. While Richard was away, fighting in the crusades, his younger brother John tried to take control of England by overthrowing Richard’s representative, the bishop of Ely. In Robin Hood stories, John often appears as the villain; a treacherous coward who attempts to steal power from his brother. Robin Hood often fights against John’s schemes and defends the right of the ‘rightful king’, Richard. In reality Richard was not the hero he appears in the Robin Hood stories. He was hardly ever in England, spoke very little English and saw England as a source of money (in taxes) for his crusades and wars.


Robin Hood. The film. (Kevin Reynolds)

Plot synopsis


Kevin Costner in Robin Hood

Kevin Costner in Robin Hood


Robin of Locksley, an English nobleman, joins King Richard the Lionheart and other Christians in the Third Crusade. While at war, Robin is captured and jailed in a dungeon in Jerusalem. With his execution inevitable, Robin engineers an escape, saving the life of a Moor, Azeem in the process. Robin makes the long journey back to England with Azeem, who claims he must accompany Robin until the debt of saving his life is repaid.

In England, with King Richard gone, the cruel Sheriff of Nottingham rules over the land with fear, aided by his brute cousin, Guy of Gisbourne along with the precognitive evil witch, Mortianna , and the corrupt Bishop of Hereford .

Upon Robin and Azeem’s arrival, they find Locksley Castle destroyed and his father, Lord Locksley , murdered by the Sheriff of Nottingham. Lord Locksley’s servant, Duncan, has survived, though his eyes were removed in torture. Duncan tells Robin that “Nottingham and his Witch” appeared with soldiers at the castle, claiming they captured Robin’s father, and he then confessed to devil worship.

With his lands and reputation gone Robin seeks out his childhood friend, Maid Marian —the cousin of the king. He is immediately attracted to Marian, although she does not return the feelings, which poses a problem because Nottingham also has his sights set on her. Robin visits the Bishop (whom he does not know is corrupt), and the Bishop claims that Robin’s father did indeed worship dark powers. Robin refuses to believe this and has a brief violent encounter with Nottingham, leading to the Sheriff’s public humiliation, before escaping. In order to create a negative public opinion of Robin, Nottingham conjures up the name “Robin of the Hood” and offers a large reward for his death or capture.

Robin, Azeem, and Duncan seek shelter in the Forest of Sherwood, where they come across Little John and a large group of outlaws. After proving his skill in single combat, Robin is accepted into their group and begins to train the men on defending themselves and building weapons with which to fight Nottingham. Robin and his now-trained cohorts begin to systematically rob English soldiers and convoys as they pass through the forest, then distributing said stolen wealth among the poor. Robin’s successes infuriate Nottingham, who, in turn, increases the maltreatment of his people, resulting in more respect and support for Robin Hood.

Mortianna suggests that he bribe savage Celt warriors into finding and attacking Robin’s woodland hideout. The plan works, as the Celtic warriors’ attack destroys the village and kills many Sherwood Forest men, including Duncan, although Azeem, Friar Tuck, Little John and Will Scarlet all survive the onslaught. Robin Hood is presumed dead following the devastating attack.

Nottingham proposes to Maid Marian, saying that, if she accepts, he will spare the lives of the woodsmen and their families captured in the Sherwood Forest attack. Faced with no choice, she accepts. Will, who has been captured, makes a deal with Nottingham to find out if Robin is alive. Will does this in front of Wulf and the other captured people. Meanwhile, Robin is revealed alive, and helps the surviving merry men regroup.

Will returns to the camp and is attacked by John. Robin allows him to speak and Will reveals Maid Marian’s wedding as well as the fate of captured woodsmen who will be hanged despite the Sheriff’s promise. When Robin finally confronts Will about his unexplainable detest towards Robin, Will reveals himself as Robin’s long-lost half-brother, the result of their father’s affair with a woman after the death of Robin’s mother.

On the day of the wedding, as Robin and the others are about to begin a coordinated attack, Wulf attacks Will which results in Will’s capture and impending execution. Robin is able to save the men, but Nottingham drags Marian into the castle. Nottingham hastily attempts to marry and impregnate Marian while the Bishop nervously performs the ceremony while the witch looks on. Robin and Azeem find them just as the ceremony is completed. Nottingham brandishes Robin’s dead father’s sword, and the men begin to duel. Elsewhere in the castle, Tuck finds the Bishop and compares him to the apostle Judas before defenestrating him.

Robin eventually wins the sword fight and kills Nottingham with a dagger (the dagger that the Sheriff had given to Marian who later gave it to Robin) through his heart. With his guard down, Robin is not prepared for a surprise attack from Mortianna, who charges with a spear. As she charges, Azeem breaks down the door and throws his sword, slaying Mortianna: a death she had foreseen earlier. His vow fulfilled, Azeem can now be at peace.

Robin and Marian marry in the forest amongst many supporters. Their matrimony is interrupted by the return of King Richard (Sean Connery), who blesses the marriage and wishes them well.  (Source: Wikipedia)



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